Thursday, September 06, 2012

Man Steals Baseball from Child in Stands

A young girl is upset when an older fan snares a ball away
from her that was tossed into the stands.  In a later inning,
she ended up with one of her own.  [Screen shot from]
by Gabe Lacques, USA TODAY
September 6, 2012

Raise your hand if you've never snagged a baseball at a game.

If you answered in the affirmative, then perhaps you can speak to what appears to be a growing desperation among fans as they get older. How else to explain the phenomenon of a grown man snagging a ball tossed toward a youngster?

It happened again in Miami on Wednesday night, when a man who appears to be on the wrong side of 40 leaned over and snagged a ball tossed by the Brewers' Norichi Aoki. Its intended destination appeared to be the glove of a boy near the Brewers dugout.

The real hurt, though, was on the face of a little girl who also lost out on the ball toss, her frown catching the eyes of cameramen otherwise stuck broadcasting a meaningless Brewers-Marlins game.

After the ball thief giddily skipped back to his seat, young Emily Martin's disappointment only grew. A Brewers staffer eventually tossed Emily her own ball, giving the fourth-grader a brief moment in the spotlight:

"My dream was to get a ball. But I would cry at the end because I never got one. I would ask every single day."

Well, her dream was fulfilled. And presumably, when she's all grown up, she won't trample a youngster who happens to be in the path of her souvenir.

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