Saturday, November 19, 2005

Dodger Stadium Restoration

In 2006, the Los Angeles Dodgers
will embark upon the second phase
of a multi-year improvement plan
for Dodger Stadium.

This year’s construction project will include replacing the physical seats within the primary seating bowl utilizing the stadium's original color palette; repairing and conducting maintenance on the concrete and structure within the seating bowl area; and introducing a traditional yet modern "box" seat concept within the baseline seating area.

This year's Dodger Stadium restoration project will be completed before Opening Day. Some of the improvements include:
  • 50,000 seats replaced
  • Seating bowl returned to the original color palette: yellow, light orange, turquoise and sky blue
  • Box seating added to baseline area, improving sightlines, adding legroom and introducing a table amenity
  • Pavilion seating returned to original light orange
  • Stadium bowl concrete repaired, resurfaced and refinished

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