Monday, April 03, 2006

Barry Bonds - Will 2006 Be Year of Vindication?

We've all heard the stories, read the articles, and perused the books about Barry Bonds and his steriod use. Did he use the stuff? Before 2003 it wasn't illegal, baseball-wise, but it was illegal otherwise, unless a doctor prescribed it.

Baseball is trying to prove it one way or another, with this new investigation. Barry may break Babe Ruth's homerun record very soon and next year, Henry Aaron's.

But what Barry needs to do to prove he's clean is march forward and break the two hallowed records, and the sooner the better. Because if he's hitting homeruns this year like he did before the 2005 season, when he didn't play much due to injury, it would prove that he doesn't need the juice to hit the crap out of the ball.

That is what Barry Bonds needs to do. Keep on truckin, Barry. Just do your stuff and if you can do it under today's testing rules, then you deserve to be called the greatest.

Marc Seror

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