Saturday, April 15, 2006

I Hate Barry Bonds, But...

I hate Barry Bonds.

I hate him because he is a San Francisco Giant.
I hate him because he has always played well against the Dodgers.
I hate him because of his pirouette home run trot.
I hate him because of his monstrous home runs and all the attention.
I hate him because he treats everyone else like garbage.

But.... (boy do I hate to say this) he will be remembered as one of the most feared hitters in the history of the game and he belongs in the Hall of Fame, and on the first ballot.

Oh, sure, he hasn't done much yet this year, but wait. He will deliver. He will overcome the book scandal, the mistress allegations, the tax evasion , the perjury charges, and he will break the Hank Aaron home run record.

I gagged when I wrote this, and I thought it was acid reflux. My fingers would not allow my thoughts to reach the keyboard, betraying my baseball faith. But, how does that go, the truth will set you free?

Let's just all face it. Barry will survive and become the home run king.

And we will all just have to live with it. You know the feeling in the pit of your stomach, when you realize the home team will lose the game, but tomorrow the sun will be up at dawn, just like every other day.

But I still hate Barry Bonds.

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Mac C said...

I symphathize with you. I have been a Met fan and have watched Barry round the bags quite often against Met pitching.

But He's great.