Saturday, September 09, 2006

Koufax is Perfect - 9-9-1965

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In LA‚ a duel between Dodger Sandy Koufax and Bob Hendley of the Cubs is perfect until Dodger LF Lou Johnson walks in the 5th.

Following a sacrifice‚ Johnson steals 3B and scores on C Chris Krug's wild throw. Johnson later gets the game's only hit‚ a 7th-inning single. Koufax's 4th no-hitter in 4 years is a perfect game.

One hit by 2 clubs in a completed 9-inning game is also a ML record‚ as is the one runner left on base.

The 2 base runners in a game is a ML record. For Chicago pitchers‚ it is the 2nd one-hitter they've thrown against LA this year and lost. Ellsworth lost on May 15‚ 1965.

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