Friday, January 05, 2007

THE TOP TEN OF 2006 proudly presents the TEN most popular baseball related songs from 2006!This list is based on the number of times that each recording available on this site was listened to in its entirety. There were over 60,000 songs listened to in 2006.

10--The Treniers--Sey Hey (the Willie Mays song) This song was released in 1954 and features the voice of Willie Mays. It's available on the "songs about players" page.

9-- The Ferko String Band--Take Me Out to the Ball GameReleased in the late 40's or early 50's this is a classic "string band" version of baseball's anthem.

8- Paul Mall and the Bleacher Boys--Go Go SoxOne of the rarest recordings on the website is also my personal favorite. It's a must listen if you are White Sox fan.

7-Phil Foster--Brooklyn Baseball FanThe highest ranking comic monologue (and the best) on the site is this classic about Foster checking out a Brooklyn Dodgers game, complete with spoiled sandwiches and bad seats.

6-Tom Memoli-- Dennis Waltz (Take Me Out to the Ball Game)This one sounds like it is being played during the 7th inning stretch. I am surprised this organ solo came in ahead of the Ken Griffin version.

5-Delaware County String Band--Fightin' PhilsThe Phillies fans on alone played this song over 1000 times. Thanks gang!

4-Andrews Sisters-Take Me Out to the Ball GameThis was the most popular version of TMO on the website this year.

3- Les Brown and his Orchestra--Joltin' Joe DiMaggioOne of the most common recordings, but it remains a favorite.

2- Harry James and his Orchestra--Dodgers Fan DanceThis is an instrumental, but it just SOUNDS like baseball.

This years #1 song is…Gladys Goodding--Follow the DodgersThis song was played almost 7000 times in 2006.

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