Friday, August 31, 2007

Porter Back on the Air with KLAC

From DodgerThoughts
by Jon Weisman

Former Dodger announcer Ross Porter is returning to the [Los Angeles] airwaves on a regular basis, shortly but sweetly.

Beginning October 1, "Real Sports Heroes with Ross Porter," 90-second vignettes produced and narrated by Porter, will air every weekday afternoon on KLAC at 5:25.

"I've been in sports all my life," Porter said in a press release. "I'm tired of getting up every morning and reading the sports pages or listening to the sports talk shows when the stories are about an NBA referee fixing games, an NFL quarterback torturing dogs, cyclists being kicked out for the Tour de France because they're using drugs, and an allegedly tainted slugger breaking the home run record ... and on and on and on.

"There are people in sports who are doing positive things, and we want to focus on them. I think the public is craving for good news. We have been very fortunate in finding some fantastic and inspirational stories."

Porter developed the idea with his wife, Lin, and his agent, George Green.

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