Tuesday, August 21, 2007


By Brent Shyer

Savvy music fans know that numerous legendary performers and performances have taken place at Dodger Stadium, beginning with The Beatles on August 28, 1966, to Elton John on October 25-26, 1975, to the heavenly voices of “Encore -- The Three Tenors” concert on July 16, 1994.

But, not many aficionados would know that in 1966, another famous American idol was at Dodger Stadium. It was not on the Dodger Stadium field, however, but in the parking lots.

Rock ‘n’ roll superstar Elvis Presley was at Dodger Stadium for three days to film sequences simulating road races in “Spinout”, his 22nd feature movie.
The negotiations between the Dodger organization and Dutch Horton, location manager for MGM Studios were started by Dick Walsh, Vice President Stadium Operations and subsequently turned over to Jeane Hoffman to complete.

Walter O’Malley had hired Hoffman as Assistant to the President — the first woman department head of the Dodgers — in May 1965. She was to find creative ways to promote and utilize Dodger Stadium for non-baseball activities on a limited basis, such as rentals from movies/TV, conventions, alternative sports and concerts. Hoffman’s name was well-known in Los Angeles, as she had been an award-winning sports writer for the Los Angeles Times and the Los Angeles Mirror. In addition, she served as executive editor of the Police Gazette.

When MGM needed a place to simulate the “Santa Fe Road Race” in the “Spinout” movie, the Dodgers were happy to accommodate the production from March 9-11.

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