Friday, April 18, 2008

This Really Happened!

Airplane Drops Bag of Flour
Over Dodger Stadium in 1971

On September 4, 1971 during the ninth inning of a Dodger-Cincinnatti Reds game an airplane flew over Dodger Stadium and dropped a 10 pound sack of flour. It hit the infield, about 10 feet from where Woody Woodward, the Reds shortstop was playing.

No one was hurt. The Dodgers notified the FAA who had no record of any flights that evening in that area.

True Story.


American Baseball: From Postwar Expansion to the Electronic Age - Google Books Result


joey almeida said...

I was at that game. i have told the story to lots of people over the years and began to doubt myself. sometime you hear things over and over again, perhaps events you were not at, but begin to think your were. i remember this vividly. i am not crazy!

Anonymous said...

I was at this game in 1971 and can attest to the article. When the flour hit near the shortstop it freaked out the crowd. We all looked skyward but saw nothing.

Anonymous said...

I too was at this game. I was 12 yeas old. I have since attended many, many, Dodger games including multiple exciting World Series games and I have never seen anything this unusual at a baseball game since.