Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Race Between the Tortoise and the Porsche

Blabber From the Blogger

As a frequent reader you may have noticed the postings here have become more and more historical rather than a reflection of current events or personalities. Perhaps that is because there is less Glory in Baseball these days; or perhaps that has become my perspective. Lately postings have become more a re-publishing of another's work, with credits, rather than original material. Again this may be a reflection of the times.

For years I've felt that free agency was best for baseball and I've lambasted the football gods for their lack of vision and adherence to the pay for performance and the non-guaranteed aspect of their game. My god, if any sport should have guaranteed contracts, football should be it.

But the recent flurry of baseball free agent signings has forced me to reconsider my long-standing, free-agency-is-best, democratic attitude. The baseball version of the familiar contest has become the race between the tortoise and the Porsche. Will the spread between the speedy and the slow continue to grow? I yearn for the days when more teams had an equal chance to win the World Series, where as today we always see the usual suspects, with an occasional exception.

My love for the game has not diminished. It is my love for today's game that has, and you may feel the same. I will leave it to others to determine how to fix it, but we first must agree that it's required. That is the real stumbling block.

The one thing I fear is that one day we will look back to today and call it the "The Glory of Baseball." It is not.

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