Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Kim Ng bids farewell to L.A.

Kim Ng
By Jill Painter
L.A. Daily News Staff Writer
March 9, 2011

Kim Ng is leaving the Dodgers to work for Major League Baseball.
Ng (pronounced ANG), who has worked as an assistant general manager of the Dodgers since 2002, will become a senior vice president of operations at MLB and report to Joe Torre.
"It's going to be a great opportunity for me," Ng said in a phone interview. "I'm going to be involved in a lot of exciting things on the international side. I have a chance to contribute in a meaningful way to the game and try to have an impact. I'm going to be overseeing a lot of the international operations. There's a lot going on in the Dominican Republic and potentially a worldwide draft.
"It was gut wrenching. I have enjoyed my time with the Dodgers so much. Frank (McCourt) and (general manager) Ned (Colletti) have been so good to me."
Ng came to the Dodgers from the Yankees nine years ago. She was an assistant general manager in New York and worked Torre there and in L.A. Torre, who retired from managing the Dodgers after the season, recently took a job as the executive vice president of operations at MLB.
The Dodgers' future is uncertain with Frank and Jamie McCourt's court battle for team ownership. That wasn't a factor in her decision to leave the club, according to Ng.
"Absolutely not," Ng said. "I've taken a long-term perspective on decisions I've made in my career. This was an opportunity that was to fantastic to let pass by. These opportunities don't come along very often. You can see some of the stability that exists in the commissioner's office. Those don't come open very often. It was really about me looking forward and where I am and where I want to be."
Ng started her career with the Chicago White Sox and then worked for the American League for one year. She is considered the most qualified candidate to become the first female general manager in baseball. She has interviewed for general manager vacancies with the Dodgers, Padres and Mariners. Her move to the offices at MLB hasn't changed her goal to one day become a general manager.
"At some point I still hope I reach that goal," Ng sid. "My main mission now is to try to help Joe and the commissioner (Bud Selig) and baseball. If anything, this can make me a more well-rounded candidate.
Listen, there are people who are older than me who haven't gotten the chance to interview and probably should've. I feel fortunate in that respect. The fact that it hasn't happened to this point, that's just part of it. It's not frustrating for me. This is a new chapter. It's going to be a great challenge."
McCourt had high praise for Ng.
"I'm excited for Kim because this is a huge step in her career, but I'm disappointed that we are losing such a tremendous talent," McCourt said in a statement. "She has been a dedicated member of our organization for the last decade and has set herself apart with her integrity, her work ethic and her dedication to winning and always doing what is best for the Dodgers. I wish her all the best in her new role and I will always consider her part of the Dodger family."

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