Thursday, August 09, 2012

When Misty May-Treanor gets gold, Matt Treanor gets emotional

Matt Treanor, Dodgers catcher watches Misty May-Treanor
and Kerri Walsh Jennings' third Olympic gold-medal win via the
Internet at Dodger Stadium. He has to excuse himself after the win

By Dylan Hernandez
Los Angeles Times

August 8, 2012

Matt Treanor had to excuse himself. He walked out of the office at Dodger Stadium where he and the Dodgers training staff were watching his wife celebrate on the sands of London.

Treanor cried.

His wife,
Misty May-Treanor, was an Olympic gold medalist for a third time.

"Honestly, the tears didn't flow right away because there was a bunch of people in the room," Treanor said. "I had to step out of the room. To me, it's a swarming effect. There's all these thoughts and emotions that come into your head. A lot of it is just about Misty and what she wanted to do and what she sacrificed for her to accomplish that."

The backup catcher wasn't ashamed of his reaction.

"I'm an emotional person," Treanor said. "I'm not afraid to cry. I'm not afraid to snap a bat over my neck. That's the way I am, the way I'm built. Irish-Italian doesn't always help either. The funny thing is Misty is kind of the opposite. She doesn't really show emotion that much. She kind of always looks at me when we're watching a sappy movie, waiting for me to shed a tear. She gets a kick out of that."

This was May-Treanor's third gold-medal victory that Treanor had to witness from a distance.

He was a minor leaguer when she and partner Kerri Walsh Jennings won their first gold medal at the 2004 Games in Athens. He was playing for the Marlins when they repeated as champions in Beijing four years later.

Treanor missed the moment of triumph on Wednesday. Late in the second and deciding set, Treanor's Internet connection went down.

"We got the connection again and she was celebrating, screaming into the camera, so I knew things were all good," he said.

This could be the beginning of a new stage in the lives of Treanor, 36, and his wife, 35.

"And now Misty talks about having a family and moving on to that next chapter in our lives," he said.

"Sometimes the unknown is a little scary, but it isn't scary for me right now because Misty was able to go out and do what she did."

Treanor made a rare start on Wednesday, spelling everyday catcher A.J. Ellis for a day.

"He wasn't playing until she won," Manager Don Mattingly joked.

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