Thursday, September 13, 2012

Major League Baseball helps local high school

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif. (AP) _ Major League Baseball has stepped up to the plate to help replace baseball equipment stolen from a Southern California high school storage locker.

Baseball Hall of Fame player Frank Robinson, who now works for MLB Commissioner Bud Selig, read news reports about the Labor Day weekend theft at Los Amigos High School in Fountain Valley and arranged a donation.

The Orange County says Robinson's wife Barbara and their daughter Nichelle presented a $4,000 check to the school on Monday.

The donation, which covers the value of the stolen equipment, is the latest in a series of fundraising efforts.

The Angels, the Angels Foundation and Diamond Sports donated $3,000 in replacement equipment. A Los Angeles attorney asking for anonymity made a substantial donation.

Several restaurants are staging dine-out fundraisers.

From David Perez
KFI News 

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