Friday, September 14, 2012

The Cool-A-Coo is Back

Thursday September 13, 2012

LOS ANGELES ( — The Cool-A-Coo is back at Dodger Stadium!  It may not be as memorable as Fernando Valenzuela's screwball or as impressive as Steve Garvey's forearms, but the Cool-A-Coo definitely had its place in the hearts of diehard Dodgers fans.

The ice cream treat might never have helped the Boys in Blue win on the field, but off the field, fans got mighty blue when the frosty treat went away 14 years ago.  A Facebook page lobbied for the return, support groups (no, really — support groups) had fans holding their collective breath all wanting the same thing. A Cool-A-Coo. Or two!

Two oatmeal cookies, a wedge of ice cream stuffed between them — then the whole thing dunked in chocolate — the Cool-A-Coo was a fan fave for 25 years. Did we mention the entire thing is dunked in chocolate?

As it turns out, the Cool-A-Coo was something new team owner Stan Kasten was interested in.  When he took the team over in May, one of his first priorities (in addition to snagging a slugging first baseman) was asking fans and employees what they missed at Dodgers Stadium.   He put out a suggestion box, and he said "enough people suggested bring it back."

The hot bat of Adrian Gonzalez? Check!  And starting this evening, fans were able to order Cool-A-Coos again. Double check.  Turns out the company that originally made them was sold.  Sweet Novelty, the company that acquired the Cool-A-Coo trademark never made them. The Dodgers had to reportedly do a little negotiating, working out deals with some of their other ice cream vendors in the process.

The first batch seemed to be missing something. The secret ingredient turned out to be a hint of cinnamon in the cookie, according to the LA Times.

Cookie perfected, contracts signed, taste tests passed. From May to now, the return is complete. Did we mention the entire thing is dunked in chocolate?

Cool-A-Coos cost $5.75 at concession stands and $6 if you buy them from roving vendors. 

For more about the Cool-A-Coo, click here.

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